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The concept of Y-DAP designed by young people to support the development of young people.

About us

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We are a company bringing all the elements of youth organisations together, to form a universal hub for introducing, refreshing and enhancing young people’s skills and lives globally. We are a legacy building company, which markets ourselves as being ‘tech-savvy’ and fully focused on creating strategic approaches to our work.

We also aim to bring the youth industry forward into a new era for young people.

We are moving and embarking on a new era. To support young people through this process, we run a bridging and supporting development service. Bridging and exposing a better understanding of the Youth Industry, as well as providing vital courses and experiences that allow the development of the mindset for youth entrepreneurship, all done in real-time (as interpretation and exposure cannot be taught, but can be encouraged and allowed to develop once experienced). Young people also in the new global economy will need to be more aware of the opportunities and competition from other countries in-terms of education, employment and business.

The Youth Industry and industry 4.0

The youth industry is outdated, in terms of :-

• Systems and process

• Marketing

• Registration booking, monitor and evaluate

• and program delivery

We deliver our courses online and in external venues that have been risk assessed and agreed deliverer has been made (to enable the same standards, where ever young people are attending our provisions.


The youth industry and brands could do well from partnerships, but the youth industry does not function nor is unified enough to call its self an industry and due to this it brings no value for corporate partners to wish to invest nor see the potential of them both having the same clientele.


YDAP is a one stop training, networking & production creative space

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Our Mission

To ensure the youth industry is providing a quality service that is sustainable and adapts to new technology  

Our Skills

Our team came together in a natural meeting of skills. Each member of our team plays a key role within our projects and brings to the table a variety of key skills needed to develop and implement the aims of Y-DAP.

Youth Services92%
Business Development84%
Funding & Sustainability86%

Why Chose Us?

Built by Young People for Young People

Young people (Y-DAP network) are at the heart of our team. We expose, train and enhance young people by providing as many opportunities as possible, as well as making the youth services more sustainable. Hence why, some of the Y-DAP team are made up of young people (from the Y-DAP network). They support the design, manage and maintain the Y-DAP platform, also they provide 'Quality Assurance' for all content that is uploaded on our SVOD (Stream Video On Demand) site. Y-DAP champions talented young people into careers and they can even help incubate and develop their own projects, with a strong focus and edifice on industry 4.0

Meet Our Team

Every member of our team plays a key role and brings crucial skills to the table
Ricky Gardner
Ricky GardnerFounder & CEO
Shaun Biggs
Shaun BiggsCTO
Young People
Young PeopleHeart of the Team