For 13-19 year old  content creators.

For those who want be in-front and behind the camera, be introduced, learn or enhance their skill at producing content

We provide

the platform and programs for young people who want to be in-front or behind the camera and create content.

For those who want to network, learn and create with like-mind youn people from all over the world.

Do you need to network and find a young camera person, our maybe someone to create background music or sound effects etc.. or even a costume designer.

If so, then networking with other skillful, talented & likeminded young people to either produce content or simply to communicate, inform, partner, create, teach or learn from others.

Young people have ideas & ideas change the world

for young people 8-19 years of age who want to create entertainment and/ or educational content for their peers.

Creating memes, social media content, documentaries, short dramas, concerts, debates, infomercials, podcasts, adverts, pundit and so much more....

Those looking to be introduced, exposure,  taught or enhanced in the following:- 

how to use a camera
sound & light
costume design
script Writer
producing & editing
presenting & interviewing
prop design
scores & sound bytes
voice overs
peer-peer learning
performing art

Benefiting brands & organisations

how you can support young people

You support is valid to the development of young people via introducing, exposing, enhancing and mentoring their skills and understanding all the different aspects of your business and the industries that you are able to guide them through and how to enter  through transferable skills learnt or obtained. Equipment, venues & resourcse are always welcomed to enhance our programs we deliver


how young people can support you

and your brand or organsation

access to generation Z & Alpha
market research
product placement
Quality Standards youth forum
Big Data
Incentive tokens
focus groups
social media campaigns
pushing industry 4.0


For young people who want to learn or find opportunities  in front or behind the camera - Camera, photography, lighting and much more...

Music & sound 

For young people who want to learn or find opportunities  in creating sound track and music scores, sound effects and much more...


For young people who want to learn or find opportunities  in costume design, props, hair and make-up for camera and much more...

Behind the scenes

For young people who want to learn or find opportunities  in acting, directing, producing  and much more... 

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Advanced search and filtering, allowing you to find local clubs and extracurricular activities for your child. We keep an individual digital record of achievements on your behalf.

Start browsing activities, read reviews, book and pay online. We handle everything else to ensure that your child receives the best experiences possible.

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JULY 19 2021


We are working in partnership with Revo Seccus, Police Cadets, LFB Cadets, OPDC, Zest of Mind & Drip Drinks to deliver a 4 week Summer School

The Summer School has a number of different companies exposing young people to the careers and industry.

They will also be introduced to learn:- 

  • how to use camera with Leon Rowe.   
  • Costume design with To The T
  • Hosting and Social media with Chris Preddie OBE and Chase Ty



August 2021

We are working towards a 'digital carnival' 

Partnering with Tudor Rose we endeavour to deliver and host 'Carnival 2021

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