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What we do

The concept of Y-DAP is designed with young people to support the development of young people in a new industrial age.

Y-DAP introduces, teaches and enhances young people with the skills they need for the future job that are present and that have not been created

About us

We are a company bridging the gap between the analog and digital world, and the 3rd industrial revolution to industry 4.0, by forming physical and online universal hubs that allow the natural development of young people through exposure and play' to introduce, refresh, and enhance young people’s talent, skills, mindsets and lives globally.

We are a legacy-building company, which markets ourselves as being 'youth' & ‘tech-savvy’ and fully focused on creating innovative and strategic approaches to our work.

We believe exposure to different experiences through real-time learning, as well as, peer-peer teaching, volunteering and delivering projects, allows young people, not only the best start in life, it also allows them to make educated and informed choices about their future in terms of further education or career directions.

We are the youth platform for the youth of the digital age.


We deliver our courses online and physically (in schools & external venues) that have been risk assessed and agreed deliverer has been made (to enable the same standards, where ever young people are attending our provisions.

Y-DAP is a one-stop training, networking & production creative space

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Our Mission

To bring leading youth together globally: teaching, learning and sharing to build a better future, by connecting via skills, talent and interests 

Our Skills

Our team came together in a natural meeting of skills and talents. Each member of our team plays a key role within our projects and brings to the table a variety of key skills needed to develop and implement the aims of Y-DAP.

Youth Services92%
Business Development84%
Funding & Sustainability86%

Why Chose Us?

Built by Young People for Young People

Young people (Y-DAP network) are at the heart of our team. We expose, train and enhance young people by providing as many opportunities as possible, as well as suporting schools, charities and youth services to become more sustainable. Hence why, some of the Y-DAP teams are made up of young people (from the Y-DAP network). They support the design, manage and maintain the Y-DAP platform, they also provide 'Quality Assurance' for all fundraisers, courses, events and content created. 

Y-DAP champions talented young people into careers and they can even help incubate and develop their own projects, with a strong focus and edifice on industry 4.0

Meet Our Team

Every member of our team plays a key role and brings crucial skills to the table
Ricky Gardner
Ricky GardnerMD
Mervy NewoorTechnical Support
Young People
Young PeopleHeart of the Team