Funding & Incentives

We want to give back.

We providing funding incentives to provision providers to help ensure the sustainability of the Youth Industry

From all payment inwards from booking fees we give 10% back as incentives to our provider clientèle that we support.

All our services are free to the providers and charities that we market and provide services

Services we supply free to providers are

  • Marketing solutions
  • Payment solutions
  • Provider forums
  • Feedback from Y-DAP youth panel
  • Quality Assurance
  • Training

Access to research & development and the implementation of new tech

Additional to the above the providers have access to receive incentives to increase delivery or to become better and more sustainable.


To ensure the youth industry is providing a quality service that is sustainable and adapts to new technology  


Incentives are inevitably involved in fundraising, and this includes incentivising providers. There are a variety of different incentive mechanisms which may be applicable to different types of providers in different situations. It’s important to establish an incentive structure that strikes a balance between sufficiently rewarding the work of a provider, and enabling the providing organisation to raise as much funds as possible for its cause.

All incentives must be used reasonably and prudently in the best interests of the service user. That involves ensuring that the remuneration of the incentive is proportionate to the benefit that is reasonably expected.

Incentives might be used to incentive youth/ play workers, service delivers, volunteers, consultants, delivery equipment and IT upgrades. It is advisable for providers to ensure that they are clear about the status of their incentive and take advice as appropriate.

Payment Mechanisms

  • Must show need and valid outcomes as why additional salaries are needed i.e. staff ratio of staff to student is not balanced and additional staff is need to provide a safer environment.
  • Provider knowing the rate in advance, keeping it accountable and transparent i.e. The salaries are equivalent to previous salaries of a similar post
  • May encourage staff retention