Features for Parents


Easy to search, find, filter and book local activities and provisions


We provide detailed reporting tools. Great for getting an understanding of achievements


Monitor your child's attendance and automatically receive notification

Keys Dates & News

We will keep you up-to-date with key events and news from the industry


Easy and automated ticketing using QR codes and mobile apps with full reporting

Achievement Records

You can track and report the achievements of all the young people you work with

Point System

Allow your child to book their own activities by sending points to their account 

Quality Assurance

A framework and standard to monitor and track the quality of services being provided

Why Chose Us?

Built by Young People for Young People

Young people are at the heart of our team. We give young people as many opportunities as possible and ensure to make the youth industry more sustainable. Hence why, some of the Y-DAP team  are made up of young people. They help design, manage and maintain the entire Y-DAP project and we will champion talented young people into jobs and even help incubate and develop their own projects, with a strong focus on industry 4.0

All Quality Assurance is carry out by young people trained to a carry Quality Assurance to a Local Authority standard. 

Our Strengths

Even though our team is small, we have over 28 years of combined experience in the Youth Services industry. We understand the struggles and we have hands on experience of lots of the issues being faced all of the time by organisations. We also have a wealth of knowledge when its comes to technology and how it can enhance the lives of provision providers.

We have and will continue to work with young people (domestically and internationally) to design and test new way to ensure that you and us provide the best services they require