We want you to be prepared.

Advances in technology are dramatically changing the world, as well as how people do business. 

The youth industry is making a fundamental shift from an old operating and monitoring system to a higher outcome focus. Digital solutions are injecting process improvement and additional value across the industry, from R&D to Commercial to delivery. It is this combination of changes that led Y-DAP to conduct a survey of top global tech changes to industries to see how these dynamics are impacting their organizations.

As we enter industry 4.0. The youth industry does not have the resource or the time to conduct the correct R&D to implement new technology at the heart of the operating systems, delivery of new provisions and systems for data management.

We focus on the R&D, implementation and partnering commercial organisations working with Big Data, IOT, AI , VR and Blockchain.


Our Mission

To ensure the youth industry is providing a quality service that is sustainable and adapts to new technology  

Our Skills

Our team came together in a natural meeting of skills. Each member of our team plays a key role within our projects and brings to the table a variety of key skills needed to develop and implement the aims of Y-DAP.

Youth Services92%
Business Development84%
Funding & Sustainability86%

Why Chose Us?

Built by Young People for Young People

Young people (Y-DAP reps) are at the heart of our team. We expose, train and enhance young people by providing as many opportunities as possible as well as making the youth industry more sustainable. Hence why, some of the Y-DAP team are made up of young people (Y-DAP Reps). They support the design, manage and maintain the Y-DAP platform, also the Quality Assurance. Y-DAP champions talented young people into careers and can even help incubate and develop their own projects, with a strong focus and edifice on industry 4.0

Meet Our Team

Every member of our team plays a key role and brings crucial skills to the table
Ricky Gardner
Ricky GardnerFounder & CEO
Monica Cummings
Monica CummingsCorporate Strategy
Shaun Biggs
Shaun BiggsCTO
Young People
Young PeopleHeart of the Team