Funding & Incentives

Do you want to upgrade your future? 

Do you want to give back? 

We provide you access to raise and receive funding incentives to support charities, schools, youth clubs, you or an others education or specialist training to help ensure the sustainable futures. 


Would you like to learn how to research a business or test your ideas; or learn how to lead or work in a team; or learn how to manage money; these are a few things you will be exposed to, as well as, raising funds for worthwhile causes like: -

  • mentors and transport in schools and youth provisions to reduce youth violence;
  • sport equipment and personal trainers to reduce youth obesity
  • Music or sports equipment to introduce, enhance or simply to give you or another a better opportunity in life
  • And many more examples that you think need our support 



Incentives are inevitably involved in volunteering and fundraising, and this includes incentivising charities for example. There are a variety of different incentive mechanisms which may be applicable to different types situations. 

All incentives must be used reasonably and prudently. That involves ensuring that the remuneration of the incentive is proportionate to the benefit that is reasonably expected.

Incentives might be used to incentive young people who volunteer in youth/ play workers, service delivers, volunteering, consultanting (quality assurance), delivery projects and talent/ skills upgrades. It is advisable for providers to ensure that they are clear about the status of their incentive and take advice as appropriate.

Gifting Mechanisms

Incentives must
  • Must show need forfiled and valid outcomes as why incentive was gifted i.e. attended 6 week podcasting courses and made a peer to peer video teaching 'how to use a camera'.
  • the young person receiving incentive knows the rate in advance, keeping it accountable and transparent i.e. The incentive are equivalent to previous incentives of a similar post
  • May encourage youth retention to pathways