Being taught and mentored by professionals?

The platform and programs for young people who want to be in front or behind the camera and create content, learning from professionals infield, in real-time learning and vocational learning.

For those who want to make new friends, network, learn and create with like-mind young people from all over the world.


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We provide

The platform and programs for young people who to:

  • network via talent and skills, create content
  • support, learn and teach their peers
  • create, have fun, share and even raise funds for necessary causes and charities.

Meet new people or gain followers?

Become a peer to peer educator, entertainer or influencer?

Educate, entertain, inform, introduce other young people to what you find interesting or you want to be a lead in, for your future career, or raise awareness and funds for issues and causes that need attention or funds.

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How can you better your studies or use Y-DAP to gain entry to a career?

How do you get access to brands or so many other young people that you make a difference.

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Why should you be part of the YDAP community?

  • connect & network with other like-minded young people, through 'talent & skills', in a safe environment only for young people

  • be exposed to and learn new skills and different methods to accomplish tasks

  • be a peer to peer (youth to youth) educator and encourage other

  • a safe space to learn from or with others

  • a safe space to test and trial your experiences, what you have learnt and your ideas

  • raise awareness and fundraise for charities, causes or individuals who need support

  • celebrate success & accomplishments with peers

  • for young people who want to simply create entertaining content to inform or entertain their peers

Young people have ideas & ideas change the world

Young people have ideas & ideas change the world
For young people 8-19 years of age, who want to create entertainment and/ or educational content for their peers.

Creating memes, social media content, documentaries, short dramas, concerts, debates, infomercials, podcasts, adverts, pundit and so much more....

Those looking to be introduced, exposure, taught or enhanced in the following:

How to use a camera

Sound & lights

Costume design

Script writing

Producing & editing

Presenting & interviewing


Prop design

Scores & sound bytes

Voice overs


Peer-to-peer learning

Preforming arts

Events management


OPDC, NCS, Revo Seccus, YDAP summer 2018